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Hello, I’m Cristiana. I’m glad you're here! In order to simplify my online portfolio, I’ve chosen a handful of my works and split them in three groups. Figurative work, Nonfigurative work and Projects. The first two are pretty self-explanatory and the media used ranges from oil on wood, combined media & LED’s on silkscreen to combined media on canvas. “Projects” is dedicated to my installations, public & personal commissions and creative art & film projects I’m passionate about. The Projects gallery is under construction.

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There’s been a span of time I wasn’t exhibiting in galleries. I’ve been raising two beautiful boys, sketching out ideas and creating a more intimate relationship with my artistry. I’m excited to share my newest work with you when it’s complete. Please feel free to contact me with any inquires you may have. Thank you for looking and for your supportive interest. I really appreciate you.




In a time when “anything goes,” it is refreshing to discover an artist with a sharp sensitivity to people and issues, with a mystical inspiration served by a strong education and technique in her craft. Cristiana Cole is a “global” artist whose diversity of expression, born from a multicultural background, takes various forms: painting and drawing, sculpture, language arts, photography, music, performance art, dance, production design and even interior design.

Her subjects are portraits, nudes, abstracts, florals, mythological compositions, spiritual or literary themes, and the occasional landscape and still-life — created in oil, acrylic, Venetian plaster, graphite and ink, combined media, light emitting diode’s, or other experimental processes. Cristiana’s textured, emotional and poetic paintings also incorporate crystallized collage fragments, graceful lines and delicate style that provoke the viewer’s own thoughts, feelings, memories and imagination.

Her palettes emerge directly from her intimate observations of life’s minute details. Cristiana often uses metallics and earth tones in groups of three to give depth to her work. She breaks the rules of traditional painting. For instance she enjoys mixing oil with water, and watching how water based paint repels her graphite sketches to settle in originally unplaced areas. Painting for Cristiana is an alchemical process as well as an experiment in capturing the spirit of nature. She enjoys the serendipitous qualities of compounds that develop with time.

Cristiana’s beautiful treatment of the human figure draws from the spiritual, mythological and secular visions of the past and the timeless emotional energy of her subjects in the now. Her work is intriguing and seductive, never trivial. Her representation of the human form, her aptitude to capture and express feelings, her sense of line, texture and color are astonishing from such a young artist. Whereas others choose a path of defiance and provocation, Cristiana challenges our sensitivity with the very language of timeless art, which is grace and inspirational beauty.

Cristiana Cole was born in Mexico City to a large, prestigious and artistic family. There, she experienced a magical childhood. Her grandmother is a collected landscape artist who had close ties to Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. Cristiana grew up in Miami Florida and relocated to Phoenix Arizona in her early teens. She currently lives in Arizona. Her work has been shown in galleries such as The Phoenix Art Museum, The Herberger, West Valley Art Museum, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Phoenix International Airport Art Gallery, and featured in publications such as American Art Collector, The Phoenix New Times and the books “Voices of Arizona” and “Dream Child” Vol.’s I, II and III.

– Art Renaissance

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